who we are


We were brought together by an ad for a flatshare in 2011 during our studies at the faculty of art and design. Only one of us was a photographer, and neither of us was a cinematographer back then. One year later we realized we would make a good team and an idea was born. Later, during a night filled with giggling over mocking the german accent, we came up with a seemingly nonsensical name Puf – photography und fideo. If you’ re wondering why “creatif”, it’s simple – our mothers and grandmothers think we are really, really creative but more importantly, it rhymes and we like that. We love coffee, Brandon and Brenda, the sea, chihuahuas, (oh, boy) travelling, challenges, all kind of weirdness and what we do.

Jakub & Jitka



"I wanted to be a photographer since of 13, when my grandpa gave me my first B&W enlarger and I started to experiment with analog photography. I would have never imagined that I'd finish Master's in photography 13 years later and become freelance photographer. 

If I wasn't a photographer, I would probably be a sailor."

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"There is not many photographs with my face because I usually cut and run when someone wants to take a picture of me. Some people came up with a theory, that I’ve chosen my job only because of this strange phobia to eliminate amount of chances in front of the lens. Well, who knows. I just know I like the feeling when you catch the right moment and stop the terribly fast running time even just for a second. 

If I wasn't a videographer, I would be probably a professional improvisation pianist, gardener or elephant keeper."

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