Keep it wild: Mountain engagement


When someone close to you announces that they are getting married, it is always a big deal. The announcement might come surprising, as it is not just realization of your childhood friend that you used to do dumb stuff with is tying the knot, but also how fast time flies.

I had a call with my friend Radka, whom I met 11 years ago and can proudly call her an “old friend”. It sounds unbelievable to me, because I feel like it has been yesterday but anyways…. Radka was the tallest girl in our class and she looked extremely classy and shy. I was wearing only black and brown and that was my only accepted colour scale.


Radka’s passion for traveling, hikes and the idea of her spending the rest of her life with a backpack, gave us the concept to shoot the engagement somewhere on the rocks. They are the perfect match with Pavel. He is a real sporty guy who shares the adventure enthusiasm with her which inspired him to propose to Radka in the middle of Ecuadorian mountains. And of course, she said yes.


Not knowing how the couple will be working together is one of the most complicated things when it comes to couple shootings. It can be challenging to make them feel good and relaxed so they don’t feel uncomfortable, nervous or fake in front of the camera. These two were cute, funny and candid, so we didn’t have any doubts about the photo and video results.


We wanted to keep their personality traits together with love to the nature, so we decided to not make them wear anything too posh or elegant. That’s why we asked Veronika from We concept to help us with the styling. She borrowed us this amazing muslin mustard-yellow kimono dress, which by the way, you can already order through Veronika’s website or Instagram. They were just perfectly matching the flower, sunset light and basically the whole environment, especially lichens growing on the rocks.

Mountain engagement_067.jpg

Anyways, we are so looking forward for their wedding. The wedding will be full of love and I am sure that if we wont have the cameras in front of our faces, we will be crying. Which makes me think, we rather leave them there to not break our tough image. :))


Check out the gallery with all photos and video here.

Photography & Video / Puf creatif
Dress / We concept